GENESIS NFT by legends

WE ARE legends

A brand made to celebrate the crypto space!

Digital art history is happening in front of our eyes. The LEGENDS brand features a variety of exclusive and unique artwork in themed collections and series, capturing legendary characters, celebrities, influencers and icons from the pop-culture and from the crypto space.

We are driven and inspired by iconic figures from the real world, and their achievements and influence on decentralization, adoption and blockchain technology itself.

Our premium NFT’s are future-proof 3D animated digital artwork pieces with up to 8K resolution downloadable files.

Most of LEGENDS NFTs include original soundtracks recorded in a real studio by musicians and sound Mix and mastering professionals.

LEGENDS is not just a premier NFT brand but a culmination of digital artists from all over the world coming together and collaborating towards making the original highest quality pieces of digital collectibles available in the crypto space.

The $LEGENDS token project runs on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Token holders can redeem exclusive NFTs; use our dedicated Marketplace to buy/sell/swap NFTs. And $LEGENDS token will also be the native token on our upcoming “Play-to-Earn” games.

Welcome to the movement, WE ARE LEGENDS!


LEGENDS is also on the BSC as a token project!

Buy now on Pancakeswap.

$LEGENDS token is a deflationary yield token that rewards holders for holding and taxes sellers.

The LEGENDS token is also used as the native token in our NFT farms powered by Degenr platform. $LEGENDS token holders can use their tokens to redeem NFT’s.

Please check our step-by-step and guide for more info.

Total Supply:

Premium NFT series

Dimensions series will explore Daft Punk universe like no one has ever seen before. Very rare, limited edition NFT. Ultra-high-definition up to 8k resolution 3D animation with original soundtrack included.

Available on



LEGENDS is expanding into Play-to-Earn games!

We are inspired by all kinds of games, from indies to Nintendo, Konami, Capcom and much more. Our goal is to make it fun and profitable games that will revolutionize the game industry forever.

Our games will depict iconic figures from the real world in alter-reality universes. Players will be able to explore different genres and play with their favourite legendary character!

LEGENDS NFTs will have all sorts of usecases, e.g. unlocking special features inside the games, etc.

$LEGENDS will be the native token of the game and holders will have early access to the beta version when it is available.



Here are a few questions you might have for us to answer. Since we are a brand in expansion it's always good to know what’s going on.

A non-fungible token is a digital commodity that has been authenticated with blockchain technology, thereby turning it into a unique, non-interchangeable item.

An NFT can, for example, represent a piece of art, a music album or other types of digital files.

When you buy an NFT, you are essentially buying a digital recording of ownership of a token, which can then be transferred to a digital wallet. 

Just by holding $LEGENDS tokens or as a NFT collector you will be able to be part of what LEGENDS has to offer, including get exclusive NFTs and also profit from our “Play-to-Earn” games – currently in development.
Our dedicated Marketplace allows NFT collectors to buy/sell/swap LEGENDS NFT. And you can transfer and sell on the open market for higher prices and profit from it. Or just HODL your high quality collectible for price appreciation. 

LEGENDS is an anonymous brand. The first of it’s kind!

Maybe this is Beeple typing here for ya’ll. Or… I can be Satoshi Nakamoto! 

Jokes aside, to keep it fun and transparent, we’ve came to conclusion that LEGENDS is a movement pro-crypto. Our core team is international, made by the collaboration between artists, developers, sound companies, musicians, influencers and celebrities all over the world. 

LEGENDS team is always catching up with what’s trending in the crypto world. We are constantly making strategic partnerships and and collaborations that aim to take the brand to the next level. LEGENDS started focusing on high quality NFT but now the brand is expanding to the development of play-to-earn games and much more. We are bringing usecase to NFTs like no one ever imagined! Stay tuned!

How can I contribute to the LEGENDS movement?

We are here for the community, for the innovation and for the fun! If you want to be part of the great future ahead of us, you are very welcome to join the club!

If you feel like helping us with donations you can send them at this address:


We Accept any BEP20 or ERC20 Token, but preferred $BNB, $ETH, $USDC, $USDT.

Thank you!


How to use Degenr to farm/collect Legends NFTs:


Make sure to have your wallet connected to the Binance Smart Chain.


Connect your wallet to Degenr website


Stake your $LEGENDS tokens and start accumulating points.


Use points to redeem the NFTs. That’s it!


To transfer your collected “Nifty” follow the next steps:
On Degenr, go to: Wallet -> Settings -> Register Collection -> Collection address
Copy and paste LEGENDS collection address:


Done! Now you will be able to see your NFTs, transfer/sell on Legends exclusive marketplace or any other BSC marketplace you desire.